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Membership is in an individual’s name. Boat ownership is a requirement to apply. We do not own real estate and do not plan on changing that position. As such, our annual dues are currently a modest $300 annually. We try to make all our cruises and other events “Pay-as-you-go”. A cruise agenda and schedule is provided along with an estimated cost at time of cruise sign up.

We love to have fun times and our cocktail parties are always a big part of cruises and events. That said, we are equally serious about safety on the water and proper decorum. The Virginia Yacht Club heartily welcomes new members and stays on course by spending as little time on formalities as possible and as much time as possible on our boats. We hope you will consider joining us for a wonderful fellowship and grand times!

By completing the information below and letting us know your interest in VYC membership, the chair of the Membership Development Committee will contact you and acquaint you with the process for becoming a new member of the Virginia Yacht Club.

Thank you for your interest.